How much can you collect in 1 inch of rain?

2,000 sf roof x .62 will collect 1,240 gallons!!

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"Our goal is to use rainwater collection to provide a safe and reliable source of water for our customers.  Making a difference in the Texas Hill Country one install at a time"

Why Collect Rainwater?

  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Better Water Quality
  • Reduce Flooding & Erosion
  • Improve Water Quality 
  • Eliminate Hard Water Problems
  • Extend Appliance Life

Clean Drinking water is essential to survival for all of us. Many populations are exposed to unclean and unhealthy water. Many of us use water daily without knowing exactly what is in it or how it has been treated prior to our using it. 

Efficient rainwater collection systems can help conserve water, improve lives, and improve the health of people around the world.

Groundwater is not plentiful in all areas and municipal water will never be able to supply the needs of rural residents or property owners who have poor quality water. USE RAIN!


What are your goals?

  • Landscape water?
  • Livestock or pets?
  • Drinking water?

Rainwater supplies many homes worldwide with good, soft water to drink and to use throughout the home and surrounding property.

RHR can help you with the specific design criteria for your needs such as tank size, tank location, storage capacity, pump and control set up, pipe sizing, downspout and filtration system installation.

Contact us to find out how you can start using rainwater. We would love to help!

Bertram, Texas
as of February 2, 2015
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